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The traditional Advisory Board Meeting of the Veterinary Health Products Industrialists' Association, which has been successfully representing the veterinary health sector for 33 years and has 31 member companies in Turkey, was held in Istanbul on April 24, 2024, with the participation of Board Members and member company representatives.

There has been a change in the management of the Association of Veterinary Medicinal Products Association (ViSAD).

The Association of Veterinary Medicinal Products Industrialists was established in 1991. It is a sectoral association with members from Turkey's leading animal health companies. Its members include multinational companies, importers, and local producers. The purpose of the establishment of the association; is to ensure cooperation and solidarity among real and legal entities operating in the industry and trade of veterinary health products, to protect the economic and social interests of members, to provide the necessary opportunities and conditions for the harmonious and efficient operation of the industry established and to be established in this field, to ensure the conscious use of veterinary medicines, biological substances and feed additives and to ensure that the contribution of this field to the national economy is better understood by the society.  

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