A brief history of VISAD

In 1991, Turkey's leading animal health companies of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and feed additives were gathered to establish VISAD, the Association of Turkish Animal Health Industry. Today VISAD represents 85% of the trade associated with animal health products, through multinationals with TR subsidiaries, local companies, and distributors. There are currently 45 members representing 29 companies.VISAD was established to maintain and further develop the cooperation among its members and actively contribute to the efforts towards balancing the interests of the humans (the owners, the farmers, and the consumers) the animals, and the industry in the field of veterinary medicinal products. Through this vision, V̇SAD functions intending to contribute effective solutions for animal health problems by supplying safe, efficacious, and high-quality veterinary medicinal products. 

VISAD is in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Institutes, Universities, and other players in the sector for the drafting and implementation of related legislation for the imports, production, distribution, and usage of veterinary medicinal products by EU norms and standards. One of the most important targets of VISAD is to improve the standards of the local players that will enable them to export high-grade VMPs all over the world. The veterinary Medicinal Products Legislation of Turkey aims to be in harmony with the European Union's guidelines and VISAD takes an active role in assisting the authorities to adjust the TR regulations to that of the EU, also taking into account the local needs and specificities. VISAD is in close cooperation with and holds a strong will to astothorities in order to ensure that this critical trsmoothlyed in a smooth manner. The mission of VISAD is to increase publicity of the Turkish animal health sector and to provide support to the legislative efforts based on scientific terms and international standards necessary for the supply of innovative and high-quality veterinary health products for the national livestock sector and to provide support for the improvement of implementation capacity of the legislation. 

The vision of VISAD is to be "a solution partner" for the governments and livestock sector in reducing the problems faced in the field of animal health by supplying "reliable, effective and innovative products".Belief in Turkey's full membership to the EU, belief in the objective of achieving the same level of life quality as in the EU, showing moral sensitivity to animal and public health together with welfare, not evaluating success only within the framework of financial profit are the core values for VISAD memberto contributee aim of contributing effective solutions for animal health problems by supplying reliable, effective, and high-quality veterinary health products for the sector. VISAD also supports the safe and high-quality production of food of animal origin. Attaching equal importance to animal health and welfare, VISAD is also working for preventive and therapeutic medicine, pet animal health, veterinary public health, and animal brbased onrries out its activities on the basis of independent science, international standards, integrity, common mind, transparency, and accountability. VISAD as an umbrella organization stands for the common vision of its members and the animal health sector. It gives opinions on drafts of legislation, position papers, and reference papers. 

Voice of the sector, VISAD is in close cooperation with the Ministry, Institutes, Universities, and other sector representatives for the drafting and implementation of related legislation for the production, distribution, and usage of veterinary health products in accordance with EU norms and standards.VISAD is also in cooperation with international organizations such as World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH-Europe), United Nations- Food and Agriculture Office (FAO), European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Association for Biologicals (IABs).VISAD informs industry, government, media, and the public in all matters related to this field, and all opinions, proposals, and suggestions are evaluated sensitively. In brief, VISAD is working for the improvement of animal health and welfare, human health, and food safety status of Turkey and it represents the Turkish animal health industry.




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