Mission & Vision

VISAD's mission is to promote the Turkish animal health sector, to support the establishment of legislation based on scientific foundations and international standards, which are essential in providing innovative and high-quality veterinary health products to the country's livestock, and to increase the implementation capacity.

VISAD's vision; is to be a "solution partner" to the livestock sector and governments in reducing the problems in the field of animal health by offering "reliable, effective and innovative products".

The Association carries out the following initiatives and activities to realize its objectives.

To ensure professional solidarity and development among those engaged in the industry and trade of veterinary drugs, feed additives,, and biological substances in Turkey, to defend the interests of its members before official authorities and authorities,

Encouraging studies on issues such as management and administration, productivity, production quality, marketing,, and similar issues; organizing conferences, congresses, seminars, or open sessions on these issues and participating in such studies, opening or participating in exhibitions and fairs that deems useful,

To make attempts and cooperate with the necessary authorities for the resolution of issues related to the production, importation, and sale of veterinary medicines, feed additives and biological substances, to assist the authorities in the preparation of legislation on these issues,

To serve the development of Turkish agriculture and animal husbandry by providing documents, information and documentation in order to contribute technically to the official and semi-official institutions obliged to conduct research on veterinary drugs, feed additives and biological substances in Turkey, and to exchange views,

To mediate in the resolution of problems between members, to try to increase the professional training, knowledge, and experience of members, to cooperate with institutions for this purpose, to publish on these issues, to establish libraries, health and sports facilities, and aid funds for the benefit of members,

To make attempts before the relevant authorities in order to provide the necessary facilities in terms of import legislation, customs exemption, and foreign currency allocation for the import of all kinds of active, auxiliary, and finished materials to be used in the manufacture of veterinary drugs, feed additives, and biological substances and all kinds of devices and machinery required by this industry,

To take initiatives to encourage entrepreneurs to export veterinary medicines, feed additives and biological substances produced domestically and to make initiatives before official authorities and bodies and Chambers of Commerce and Industry for this purpose,

To establish and operate economic, commercial, and industrial enterprises in order to provide the revenues it needs for the realization of the objectives of the Charter, and to give them to the operator,

To carry out international activities, to become a member of similar associations and organizations abroad, and to cooperate with these organizations on a project basis,

To carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations on issues within its field of duty, if deemed necessary to achieve its objectives.