VİSAD 2024 Advisory Board Meeting was held in İstanbul


The traditional Advisory Board Meeting of the Veterinary Health Products Industrialists' Association, which has been successfully representing the veterinary health sector for 33 years and has 31 member companies in Turkey, was held in Istanbul on April 24, 2024, with the participation of Board Members and member company representatives.

The meeting was opened and moderated by Burç KUNTER, Chairman of the Board of VISAD.

Burç Kunter presented his opening speech in two parts. In the part related to our Ministry, he gave information about the applications for Data Correction authorization, "sub-user" definitions for Marketing Authorization and Warehouse Officers, the need for sub-users for Production Site Officers and the request for extension of authorization of sub-users of PI Officers, and interface data tables for bulk data transfer under the ITS-ATS topic. 

Under the heading of smuggled, counterfeit and unregistered products, he also mentioned the inclusion of Otovaxin production facilities within the scope of GMP. In the continuation of his presentation; he also mentioned about Shelf life extension label applications, application for shelf life extension to all unsold series, initiation of processes for mutual agreements between countries by contacting countries that follow EU legislation, especially Balkan countries, on the basis of official institutions, and the visit of Mr. Sedat ILDIZ, Deputy General Director General of Food and Control, on March 18, 2024.

Burç Kunter also gave information about VİSAD's internal activities, including updates to the regulations, the activation and updating of VİSAD working groups and the working group meetings organized. In the last part of his presentation, he completed his presentation by giving information about the Smuggled and Counterfeit Products, Marketing Authorization, ITS-ATS and GMP status reports prepared in line with the requests from VİSAD members. The meeting was followed by the presentations of the relevant members of our Board of Directors. Respectively, the relevant Board members made presentations on smuggled, counterfeit and unregistered products, Marketing Authorization, drug and vaccine tracking system and GMP.

The status reports, which are meticulously prepared by VISAD Management after sectoral visits, comprehensively address the current situation of the Veterinary Health Sector and emphasize that we are ready to build the future of our sector together and that they will help us build a stronger sector.

The content of the reports and the depth of the insights provide a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. This allows us to develop a shared vision as sector stakeholders, and at the same time work together to realize that vision. By providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of our sector, this report and its insights demonstrate that we are ready to build the future of the Veterinary Health Sector together and will help us build a stronger sector. The findings and recommendations of the report will serve as a roadmap for sector stakeholders and help us create a better future for the sector in cooperation with our Ministry & VISAD.