VISAD 26th Ordinary General Assembly was held.


The 26th Ordinary General Assembly of VİSAD, which has been successfully representing the sector for 32 years with 33 member companies in Turkey, was held on April 24, 2023, at Dedeman Bostancı Hotel. As a result of the elections held at the general assembly where the members of the board of directors were also determined; Ramazan BAYHAN, Taner ÖNCEL, Burç KUNTER, Selin ŞAHİN, and Yeşim KOÇ were elected to the board of directors. In the distribution of duties among the board of directors, Ramazan BAYHAN was re-elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

After the 26th Ordinary General Assembly meeting of VISAD, the members of the Board of Directors met and distributed duties as follows;

Ramazan BAYHAN Chairman

Dr. Taner ÖNCEL: Deputy Chairman

Burç KUNTER Treasurer Member

Selin ŞAHİN Secretary Member

Yeşim KOÇ Member

Kenan TOPÇU became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.